The future of the energy market is highly variable, but by focusing on the controllable portions of your energy equation, we’re able to create a strategy yielding long-term savings. Our staff of experienced and dedicated market analysts possess the necessary insight and expertise to successfully manage any customer’s energy portfolio.

Electricity & Natural Gas Supply

Account analysis, forward planning and proper contract structures come together to create sound energy management plans.

Demand-Side Management

Reduce your energy usage during times of high demand to protect the stability of the electric grid and avoid needless spend during peak hours.

Distributed Energy Resources

Bringing you measurable and sustainable value through behind-the-meter solutions that match how you use energy.

Account Services

We provide reporting, budget support, forecasting, tariff optimization and project management services.

Utility Bill Management

Our bill management, bill audit and bill pay services will help your organization save time and costs. 

Cloud-Based Energy Tools

Our advanced technology platforms depict direct and accurate data for effortless energy management.

Electricity &
Natural Gas
Energy Resources
Utility Bill
Energy Tools

Effective energy management ensures longevity for your business. Our team of consultants carefully analyzes your energy needs and will only recommend a strategy we are confident will be the most competitive and beneficial for the long-term success of your business. The end results are scalable products, aggressive prices, industry-leading resources and comprehensive energy procurement strategies.

We analyze the previous 12-24 months of your electricity and natural gas usage data, factoring in any anticipated deviations from previous load patterns, to determine your forward-facing load profile and best position your account for bid. Our analysts then prepare a customized Request for Proposal (RFP) to a portfolio of over 50 pre-qualified suppliers serving your particular market. Once bids are received, we analyze the results and prepare a proposal which includes pricing, an energy usage profile, savings projection and our recommended strategy for moving forward.

No one knows your business better than you do; which is why our consultants offer their knowledge to help you make informed decisions in regards to contract terms, product types, energy sources and potential usage variances. We do our due diligence to uncover anomalies in your usage patterns which can lead to long-term cost mitigation.

Capacity Management

Grid operators need a way to ensure that they are equipped to handle consumer demand at any given time. The capacity component of a supply rate allows them to scale their system to guarantee that end-users will always have electricity when they need it. Our demand-side management program gives you the ability to manage rising capacity costs by using a short-term strategy to foster long-term savings. Curb your annual electricity expenditure by reducing the obligation to buy needless capacity.

After implementing a PLC reduction strategy, our team of analysts will issue a full projection of what you can expect for the following capacity season. Our program is designed to lower your capacity obligation, which means that a small investment now can mean savings next year, and in years to come.

Demand Response

Demand Response has become a critical component of electrical system planning. Utilities and regulatory commissions across the continent are setting goals to increase supply from renewable resources and decrease reliance on costly and outdated power plants. Meanwhile, demand for electricity has increased with no sign of slowing.

Efforts to meet increased demand have pushed more electricity through aging transmission infrastructure, and though end-users are getting the energy they need, this fragile balance of supply and demand can potentially cause major reliability issues. In terms of business operations, facility equipment suffers the most from voltage fluctuations due to grid instability; it may become critically damaged or even stop working at low voltage levels.

On a larger scale, anything from a short term brownout to widespread blackouts can occur when this delicate balance is not kept in check. Demand Response is lowering the risk of grid instability by having end-users lower their energy usage during peak hours, relieving stress on the grid during these critical periods. This gives the grid the chance to stabilize, and electricity can continue to be provided reliably. Demand Response programs ask participants to stand ready as a last line of defense in these electrical crisis situations. In return, participants are paid for their efforts.

We’re simplifying energy complexity, so that you can focus on your business objectives. By combining strategic solutions, we can optimize your energy usage to deliver behind-the-meter value and wholesale market products that support clean, reliable energy and grid stability at a lower overall cost.

We can provide your organization with a free back-up generation solution and permanent discounts on your overall energy spend. This emissions compliant equipment will be installed at your facility with no out-of-pocket costs. From there our energy advisors will help you evaluate what solutions will best fit your business’s needs.

Our comprehensive solutions are operated, maintained and monitored by a dedicated team of experts. In the event of a utility outage, we’re ready, and so are you, with the power it takes to keep operations up and running.

DER Solutions Offer Turnkey Project Support

  • Environmental permitting, engineering design and system installation
  • Complete financing with little to no up-front capital investment
  • 24/7 monitoring by centrally located network-operations centers
  • System testing, ongoing maintenance and fuel supply

Tariff Optimization

Customers often don’t realize that they’re eligible for utility service at the same quality level under a different billing class. Being served under an inappropriate tariff class can lead to overages and erroneous billing charges. We conduct an in-depth study of your usage patterns and potential load profiles to recommend the proper tariff class to your utility.

Any usage fluctuations, proposed or future, can have an effect on the way you use your energy. These fluctuations are often overlooked in efficiency projects and consumers continue to be served under the tariff class they were originally placed in. This hinders the full benefit of a project, as the return scenario is limited by the incorrect class. Our strategic tariff class suggestions help minimize costs and maximize the value of these types of efficiency projects.


We can offer a wide array of tracking, management outlines, timelines and contract-performance reports, which can be fully customized to meet any accounting specifications.
Our customers are provided access to our online customer portal which can be utilized to meticulously analyze your energy portfolio. Supply contract information is entered for easy access and streamlined processing or your accounting/accounts payable departments.

Each facility can view their real-time consumption information, historical load data, contact and billing information. Reports are easily generated from the online data, but we can also create tailor-made reports pulling a combination of any and all available data including: historical load studies, budget forecasts, contract performance, Otherwise Applicable Tariff (OAT), future usage, and site comparisons using weather normalization. The platform can be customized to fit any a wide variety of user preferences.

Project Management

NRG Advisory Services is a full service provider. We can provide you with the best counsel in the industry on all important aspects of energy management including risk mitigation, budget adherence and meeting long-term sustainability goals. Our extensive experience gives us a strong understanding of an array of energy projects which allows us to fully understand how they impact your cost and value. You’re given the tools you need to make informed decisions when examining any and all energy projects/services through our comprehensive analyses.

We can also recommend (and implement) additional energy related upgrades to optimize existing projects. We maintain an extensive database of utility rebates and incentives available to customers. Our team of engineers works with you to explore additional projects/incentives to ensure they fit into your overall energy blueprint. We can assist in mining data and submitting all documentation required to process any applicable rebates.

Bill Management

Collecting and managing a plethora of utility bills can be a daunting task. Managing up to hundreds of bills at once is extremely time consuming, while gathering readable data on your costs and usage can be nearly impossible. Our Utility Bill Management Service takes the back-office work out of the equation by extracting the data directly from your utility and invoices, then processing it into legible reports. We take the work off your hands to make the data collection process simple and accurate.

Auditing Service

The average utility bill includes over 150 rate components, and each element has the potential of being improperly factored into your bill. Tracking and verifying each line on a utility bill is a labor intensive process and often falls outside the scope of most accounting departments. Our Utility Bill Auditing Service gives you a competitive edge with your energy savings by having your utility bills carefully scrutinized for errors by our experts.

Our auditing service has the capability to review 12-24 months of past billing for Electricity, Natural Gas, Water/Sewer, Cable, and Telecom services. This service is even available in regulated areas, creating opportunity for customers who are not able to take advantage of the deregulated retail markets.

By routinely practicing utility bill auditing, you can proactively identify any billing errors before the bill is processed. This level of bill transparency helps managers track cost figures and potentially identifies outliers and errors before the authorization goes out to remit payment for the bill. This removes the possibility of seeking a refund from a utility or supply company, because you never pay the overcharges to begin with.

Bill Pay

Bill pay provides further value to the accounts payable process by reducing the time and effort spent issuing and tracking payments for a large list of utilities.

  • Increased Productivity
    • Your accounting team will be freed from the monotonous task of tracking down missing bills and allocating the charges for late or missing payments.
    • This creates a simpler approach to bill payments through the elimination of checks, postage and most banking charges.
  • Management of All Utility Bills From One Convenient Location
    • This is accomplished by utilizing a single account where you make periodic deposits.
    • Payments can be made to this account by wire transfer or ACH payments and will be tracked by automated GL coding and processes that ensure accurate accruals.
    • A single contribution to this account may cover the cost of hundreds to thousands of facility-related bills.
    • Utilizing a single account from which all bill payments are made also allows for enhanced corporate control and oversight through the use of our established dashboard.
    • This ensures that bills are paid on time and that all contracted rates, terms, and conditions are abided by through the use of rule based systems.
  • Additional Services
    • In addition to auto-pay, we offer proactive Missing Bill Retrieval as well as Shutoff Prevention services to prevent service interruptions due to human error or oversight.

Detailed Insight

The NRG Advisory Services Online Data Portal is designed to give customers a better perspective into their real-time and historical consumption patterns. Through our customer portal, users are given detailed insight into how and when they’re consuming power, and can even track their portfolio’s real-time environmental impact. The portal is a valuable tool for any facility manager in providing comprehensive usage reports and analyses, view real-time consumption data and pricing, and provide a cross-check against the utility’s monthly reported consumption to ensure accuracy.

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