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¹Service: We give NRG Advisory Services (“NRG”) authority as our exclusive bidding agent to obtain bids on our behalf from third- party energy suppliers. We authorize NRG to receive our account data directly from our utility companies and to act as our agent for the sole purpose of granting like authorization to 3rd party electric and natural gas suppliers.

²Our Rights and Obligations: We are under no obligation to choose a supplier, however in the event we execute a supply agreement with any retail electric or natural gas supplier presented to us by NRG throughout the duration of this agreement, we agree to execute the retail supply agreement through NRG. We agree not to use NRG’s work product or services to negotiate independently with suppliers or other energy marketers. NRG shall maintain our account information in strict confidence.

³Miscellaneous: (a.) This authorization shall be effective from the date of signing forward for a period of six (6) months, the 6 months commencing from the later of the date of this agreement or the termination of our retail supply agreements arranged through NRG; (b.) NRG is authorized to obtain our account usage, and other information from our current utilities and suppliers; (c.) This agreement may be terminated by either party by providing sixty (60) days written notice to the other party.

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