Customer Commitment

Our team at NRG Advisory Services is committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive energy consultation in the industry. We provide custom-tailored energy management strategies to a wide-ranging portfolio of commercial and industrial clients.

Through in-depth load analysis and strategic supply procurement, we’re able to provide energy solutions that best fit each customer, yielding the most beneficial rate structures and increased control of their energy spend.

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Our NRG Advisory Services analysts will then review your information and work to develop a customized blueprint for your particular energy management strategy.

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Holistic Energy Management

It is our duty as a comprehensive energy consultant to fit the solution to the customer, not the customer to the solution. By integrating various services through one channel we’re able to take the infinite number of energy decisions off your plate, so that you can focus on driving your organization.

We base our strategic energy management parameters around granular data obtained from utility bills and multiple data resources. Your customized energy management strategy is under constant measurement and verification scrutiny with the help of real-time metering data and ongoing utility bill management.